Fire pits add flair to Florida homes

We know what you’re thinking. It’s Florida. It’s hot. A fire pit here would get about as much use as a hooded parka.

Well, we beg to differ. We think Florida is the perfect place for home fire pits, and here are some reasons:

– Except for the middle of summer, Florida evenings can be quite mild. And evenings in winter are just cool enough to enjoy the fire pit without risking a case of frostbite.

– Fire pits are a great focal point for large parties, day or night. And they provide a setting for quiet evening discussions among a few friends.

– Fire pits look great. They add a touch of class to any property and enhance the overall appearance, especially when paired with an attractive stone wall.

We have years of experience building stone walls and fire pits, so contact us today for a free consultation on your project.

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