Seal your pavers for lasting beauty

We love the look of a brand new paver installation, and our clients love it, too. But keeping those stones looking as good tomorrow as they do today takes an extra step that’s well worth the time and minor expense.

It’s called paver sealing, and it’s the application of a urethane-based sealant that not only enhances the color of the pavers but protects them from the sun, mildew stains, oil stains, vehicle tire tracks, and more.

Of course, it’s best to perform the sealing on a new paver installation, but the process can also rejuvenate old pavers. In that situation, we do a thorough cleaning of the existing pavers to remove all the mold and dirt before applying the sealant.

Our clients are amazed at the restored color and gloss of the refurbished pavers.

So, whether your pavers are new or not-so-new, don’t skimp on the paver sealing process. You’ll protect your investment and breathe new life into your property.

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